I have read the chapter I was missing now tell me everything about the battle plz

Alrighty. It would take place at night. The three would be caught off guard, and they’d be attacked by some Moon children. You can come up with how they sneak up on the three.


The original designs for Spider-Man’s black costume, from Marvel Age #12.
I wonder if this version with the red influenced the Miles Morales Spidey costume?

I literally just went through my blog just to find this. The very first thing I EVER reblogged. Huehuehue.


The original designs for Spider-Man’s black costume, from Marvel Age #12.

I wonder if this version with the red influenced the Miles Morales Spidey costume?

I literally just went through my blog just to find this. The very first thing I EVER reblogged. Huehuehue.

”Hey, statue boy!”

I looked up and saw the strangest creature. It had some weird headgear on, and it was gray with orange hair. I gave her the strangest look, so did Link. ”I can get you out of here.” she said, and put her hands together and it made an orb of light. Suddenly, she blasted it once at Link’s chain, then again at mine. We were free, but we still had to get out of here. Luckly, we were able to get the gate opened, and I hopped on Link’s back. It felt different then being on Epona, but it was a perfect way to get around. The imp joined me, and we ran down the damp hallway, looking for an escape route. 

It took some time, but the imp who introduced herself as Minda helped us go through hallway after hallway, and we eventually found a way out. The sun was blocked by clouds, and it looked like it was going to rain. Minda put an arm around me, and pointed straight ahead. ”There’s a village a little ways down that path. I can explain to you what’s going on there.” she said, and ushered Link onwards. I was a little skeptical, but if she knew the way around this area better than we did, well, we should trust her then. 

When we arrived in the village, Minda had us hide behind one of the barns. I leaned against the wall, and Link laid on the grass, wagging his tail. The imp stood infront of us, and sighed. ”I saw you two get thrown into that cell by some weird guy. He was being followed by a group of kids wearing masks, and he kept telling something to them in a language I couldn’t understand. It appeared that furball here was already in wolf form, so I can’t say how he ended up like that.” she said, pointing at Link. ”Are we still in Hyrule?” I asked, curious. Minda nodded, and gave a smile. ”Yes, but you’re in the Ordon region of the kingdom. Maybe if you make friends with the villagers, perhaps they’ll give you a weapon and shield.” she replied, and gave me a weird look. I swallowed my pride and nodded, not really good at communicating, and I knew Link wouldn’t be able to help me either. ”Okay, I’ll do it.” 

It took three days, but I gained all of the villagers trust. I captivated them with the music I made from the ocarina, and had them all feeling sorry for me from the stories I’ve told. Link was beside me that night when one of the villagers gave me a sword and shield. ”This is for you, BEN. You must be telling the truth that you are indeed the royal knight who saved Hyrule.” he said, smiling. I had lied about being the hero, since nobody would believe that a wolf was once a human and saved it. The sword wasn’t like the Master Sword. It was more lightweight, and was half the size. The shield looked exactly like the one Link and I had. I heard Link bark, and I grinned. ”This is perfect…thank you.” I said, shaking the guy’s hand. ”Just be careful out there, alright?” he said then, and I nodded, before mounting myself on Link, and Minda followed suit. The three of us rode out into the sunset, ready for adventure.

”Play that song again, please!” Minda pleaded, wanting to hear ‘Elegy of Emptiness’ once more. She thought it was quite a catchy tune, and Link howled everytime I played it. Rolling my eyes, I put the orcarina to my mouth and played it again. I knew many songs since I’ve been with Link. One of my favorites was the ‘Song of Storms’. Link had performed the song during the fight we had with Skull Kid when he was posessed by Majora’s Mask. It was a beautiful tune, but not as beautiful as the ‘Song of Unhealing’. Anyway, the moon was up in the sky, and it’s light shined on us. We were back in the forest, and looking for a way back to the center of Hyrule, so then we could explain our new found problem to Zelda. It was creepy being out here at night though, not knowing what was going to come out of the shadows, especially moon children. That thought made me shiver, and I felt Minda’s hand on my shoulder. ”Hey, don’t sweat it. If those weirdos come after us, we’ll kick their butts back to the moon!” she exclaimed, and Link barked in response, licking my hand. I smiled a little, but I was still worried. I’ve been always told not to worry about things, but I can’t help it. I suffer from nightmares for crying out loud. My eyes bleed at random, unexpected times, and I have voices in my head that are really, really homicidal I look up at the sky in hope, wishing for nothing bad to happen to us.

So I ended up falling asleep, and when I awoke, I saw that we were in a cave. Minda must’ve started a fire, and I was laying against Link, who was asleep as well. ”Hehe, someone’s awake.” Minda said, startling me. She laughed, and sat next to me. ”So tell me….How long have you and wolf boy been traveling together?” She asked. I had to think for a minute, then I had my mind together. ”I met him when we were younger at the Great Bay in Termina.” I replied, looking at her in the eyes. Minda put her hand on mine, and I felt myself blush a little. ”Tell me some more.” she said, and I nodded, going into detail about when I and Link met, how we defeated Majora’s Mask, then how we ended up saving Zelda next.

”So that’s how we must’ve all ended up here..” Minda said, and stared at the cave ceiling. Link’s snoring echoed off the walls, creating a somewhat soothing environment”Wolf boy sleeps heavily like this alot, doesn’t he?” she asked, and I nodded. ”You should hear him when he’s a human again, I have to plug his nose to get the snoring to stop.” I replied, and Minda laughed really hard. We had been talking for hours, and I finally yawned after so long. ”So….I wonder what game that old freak wants us to play.” she said suddenly, and I got real quiet. I had shoved that question to the back of my mind, and wasn’t really thinking about it till now. ”You never know with the Happy Mask Salesman….he’s a devious one, and has no mercy. There’s no doubt in my mind that he will try to find a way to kill us all.” I said, a frown on my face. Minda changed her expression then, and looked away. ”Perhaps…but I believe we can beat that old coot at his own game.” she said, smiling now. I met her gaze and grinned a little. She was right. If we played our cards right, we could beat HMS at his own game. I laid back against Link and closed my eyes. Maybe if I could think of a plan of how to beat this guy, maybe our lives would finally be normal. I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

”You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”

Fuck. Me. It was this nightmare again. Blood dripped from my eyes, which were now all black, except for a red dot that was present. I was chained to the wall, and my clothes were tattered. I smelled the air. Salty water, but very foul. It was darkness all around me, and I couldn’t see anything. I tried to move, but I was locked in place by the chains. I actually felt like I had bones and muscles that ached in this dream, and it often felt too real. I prayed that Link would see my distressed face, and come to my rescue. At the moment, when I thought about him, the room lightened up, and there was a figure in front of me. It just sat there on the floor, looking down. I couldn’t tell who it was, because they were all black. ”BEN….” the figure said, in a rather ghostly voice. I started to shiver, and what happened next made me want to throw up. The figure was in full view now, and it was Link. He was badly mangled up, eyes gone missing, blood all over him. He had a shit eating grin, and he lunged at me, making me scream.

”BEN! Wake Up!”


My eyes shot open, and I puked blood all over the cavern floor. Link barked and scooted closer to me, putting a paw on my shoulder. Minda put a hand on my face, but quickly withdrew it when she realized it was covered in blood. My eyes were bleeding, and blood came down like tears. ”What the hell is going on?!” Minda said, grossed out. She didn’t understand quite yet. HMS still could get me, by taunting me in my dreams. Link barked again, and licked my face lovingly. Even though in wolf form, he could still comfort me. It was still nighttime, and I curled up with Link, shivering. Minda gave him a look. ”If only wolves could talk, then I could know what the fuck is going on.” she said, and Link’s ears went down. He knew she was right, and he wished that he could talk, but he couldn’t. His wet nose touched mine, and he licked me again. I felt sick, and I buried my face in Link’s fur. It was oddly warm, and soft. He whined, and nudged my head with his nose. Minda just stood there, and sighed. 

The very next day, we continued our journey to Zelda’s castle. I held onto Link tightly, still thinking about the dream I had last night. Minda peered over my shoulder and read the expression on my face. ”Are you still pondering over that dream? I don’t get how you can get so scared over someth-” I shushed her. ”HMS can torture me anytime he likes. Ever since I escaped his grasp, his favorite thing to do is drive me insane in my dreams.” I said, and Minda just remained silent. Link’s tail wagged, and he brushed his nose against my hand. We soon came upon a stream, and the only way across was by hopping on one rock at a time. I felt my stomach churn. Link knew I was fearful of water, but he reassured me by barking. He stepped on the first rock, and very shakily, stretched out his his other paw out to reach the next one. I heard a noise, and looked all around. My eyes caught on to a figure, standing next to a tree. ”Link…I think someone is watching us.” I said, and he looked up. It came closer, and the figure’s features came to light. It was a girl, and she was dressed exactly like a moon child. She had blond hair, and wore the Couple’s Mask. I kept starring at her as we had crossed over the stream. She was starting to follow us, but Link knew on instinct that a moon child was bad news. So, he ran away from her, and I looked back.
We were in Hyrule Field by mid-afternoon. The air smelled leud, but not too bad. Minda leaned over my shoulder and looked in awe. Link sniffed around, then turned his head to look at me. The look in his eyes. Something was wrong, very wrong. As we got closer to the town gates, I noticed that they were open, and no guards were around. I heard a scream, and Link went rushing into Castle Town, and what we came upon made us widen our eyes.
Houses were burnt, people laid dead in the streets, and the ones who survived pitched in together and helped pick up the motionless. Link treaded slowly, not wanting to spook the others. ”What happened to this place…?” I said, letting my eyes wander around. The castle looked like it had been burnt too, and half the windows were broken here and there. The gates were broken, but surely enough, there were guards to block the entrance. Minda settled her chin on my shoulder as she took this all in. A tall guy noticed us, and immediately stood infront of us, blocking Link from going any further. ”Heyyy you look like that kid that helped Link save Hyrule a few years back..” he said in a gruff voice. I raised a brow. ”Of course I helped him! And my name isn’t ‘kid’, it’s ‘BEN’.” I corrected him, but he snorted at me. ”Weeelll, BEN, Where’s Link then?” he asked, sounding sarcastic and smart-assy. I pointed to Wolf Link, who I was riding on, and that guy was silent for a couple minutes, before laughing manically. ”Thhaat WOLF is Link? Bwahahaha! Whaat a joke, you’re funny, kid!” he said, and I felt my eye twitching.
I hated when people did this to me. It pissed me off greatly.
In a frenzy, I delivered a hard blow with my fist into his stomach, and he flew backwards into an already deteriorating commerence stand. Minda gasped in surprise, while Link barked at me, sounding angry. I shrugged off the two reactions though, and didn’t pay any mind to all the stares I received.

We spent the whole day trying to get as much information on what happened the best we could, but we failed eventually, as the townsfolk had no idea what attacked them. I leaned against the side of a bunt down house, and yawned. Minda chuckled, and fiddled with the earring on Link’s left ear. ”Now what, Statue Boy and Puff Ball?” she joked. Link whined a little, and shoved his muzzle into my hand. His nose was wet and cold. I hated that feeling. I shrugged and didn’t give a verbal response. 

I had eventually fallen asleep sitting against the wall, so Minda found a way to lay me against Link, who wrapped his big furry body around me, so I would be warm, along with the couple of blankets Minda stole. Even when I was in deep slumber, I knew what went on around me, and I could feel some of Link’s fur tickle my nose, and I badly wanted to scratch it. 
The dream I had was good, which rarely happened anymore. I was sitting in Termina Field, staring at the moon as it’s creepy ass expression looked down on Clock Town. It was kind of peaceful, even though the moon was to strike down on the town in a matter of hours. It was cool, and it was nearing sundown. My hair looked disheveled, and what-used-to-be blond locks fell onto my face, flowing with the wind. I never knew I could be in a peaceful scenario like this, but it happened, and it somewhat made me feel…happy. I suddenly saw someone run towards me, shouting my name with glee. It was a young Link. Beach blonde hair flowed with it’s master as he came running towards me. My eyes widened, and I hopped up, ready to feel his embrace. When our bodies collided, I could smell him as if this was real. His scent was like the smell of a forest, maybe even burning wood. This was warming to me inside, and I landed on the ground with a thud, Link looming over me. Our blue eyes locked into each other then. Suddenly, Link’s lips got close to mine and touched. I felt my face get red. ”L-Link!” I cried out, but he pulled away and gave a smile. ”Let’s go save Termina, BEN!” he cheered, oblivious to what he just did. He pulled me up, and we ran for the town, ready to face the final boss.
I woke up then, and felt my face get warm. Minda laid against me, sound asleep. The big gray ball of fur that was Wolf Link was also quietly snoring. I pulled myself up, and carefully laid the imp’s head on the bundle of blankets I had quickly made into a pillow for her. I slipped my legs over the otherside of Link, and slowly walked over to where we could meet face to face. It was hard for me to get used Link being like this now. I missed seeing his messy now brown hair, and those soft blue eyes that would go wide in excitement. Maybe he’d turn back into that human I knew someday. Anyway, I let  my hand pet his head, which roused him a little. My eyes soften, and I gave him a smile. His wolf eyes stare into mine, questioning me. I scratched behind his ears, and his tail wagged crazily. Link licked my face, and eventually forced me down to the ground as he covered me in nasty wolf kisses. ”Link! Hey, quit that!” I laughed, pressing my hands against his head to push him away. Link gave out a whiny bark, and loomed over me. Even as a wolf, he was bigger then I was. I laughed some more, and let Link rest his big furry head on my chest.  In comparison, his head was just as big as my upper torso(I bet you are bewildered by that, right?). He sneezed on me, and I rolled my eyes. 

I had forgot to mention that it was sunrise when I was dicking around with Link. I laid on top of his back now, calming myself from earlier. He was extremely soft, and I saw from the corner of my eye that locks of my brownish blond hair sort of tangled with his gray locks of fur. I felt myself relax for a moment, which was not only rare, but good. Link was licking at his paws, not sure what else to do. A short while later, Minda awoke, and startled the both of us. ”Hey Statue Boy and Furball! Let’s go see if we can get more answers from the townsfolk!” she exclaimed, grinning with vigor. Link barked in excitement, and I just rolled my eyes.

The results were the same as yesterday. Nobody was sure what had happened that caused such a disaster like this, but Minda was determined to dig up the answers here and now, even though Link and I seemed to exchange looks that made it clear that this was a lost cause.  I heard a growl emit from Link, and he looked at me helplessly. He was hungry. I couldn’t agree more, we hadn’t really eaten anything for sometime now. Minda saw us then, and pulled at my ear. ”Oh c’mon! Don’t tell me you’re giving up!” she said, anger rising in her voice.
”We have to give up, you imp. This whole thing is a lost cause! Plus Link and I hadn’t eaten anything, and we’d love some type of fucking nourishment.”


Minda’s eyes seemed to dart around, before making eye-contact with me again. ”And just how do you think we’re going to find ANY food here?! This place is practically a wasteland!” she hollered back at me, and in an instant, I felt my anger lick at my insides. I grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the ground. ”Now you listen to me, you bitch…” I began, but just as I had pinned her down and started to threaten her, Link pulled me with such force that loosened my grip on her. Minda coughed, and rubbed at her throat. ”You worthless piece of..” she trailed off, cursing only to herself. Link looked at me, and shook his head. ‘Violence isn’t going to help’ seemed like what he was trying to say. My irises disappeared, and now my eyes were black. I was pissed. Who did this little tart think she was? Could she not clearly see we were starving? We hadn’t ate anything yesterday, because we were busy consulting with the townspeople. I bit my lip, and only stared at her. 

For the rest of the day, Minda and I didn’t speak a word to each other.

It took a few more days, but we made it to the kingdom of Hyrule. I was asleep of course, leaning against Link like I did any other time we were out on the trail and I got real tired. I was awakened thought by the sounds of chattering,  and someone gently shaking my shoulder. I pried my eyes open and groaned, but through the loud noises, I could hear Link’s voice. ”BEN…wake up. We’re here.” he said softly to me, making me blink and yawn a little. ‘Holy crap!’ was probably my first reaction. I’ve never seen this many people out and about in Hyrule, NEVER. I let my eyes wander around as Epona inched closer to the castle gates, which then we would have to walk from there, since horses weren’t allowed through the gates. We treaded on foot to the top of the steps, where Zelda waited. She looked rather unhappy, and very stern. Man, I didn’t like her when she had that face. She started to scold the two of us right when we had just came up off the last step towards her. Me and Link had sulked the whole time, taking her words in with a grain of salt. Finally, she was finished, and I couldn’t even get her voice out of my head. I groaned, but we both nodded just to agree with her. After that, Link told her what had happened so far in the garden in the back of the castle. I just leaned against Link’s leg and waited for him to finish. I was still tired, but I think I piped up when Zelda said the two of us could stay in the castle tonight. I wasn’t sure whether I should be jolly about it or just say okay really plain and get about with the day. I sighed and nodded, getting up and followed the two inside.

After eating dinner, Zelda showed us the room we’d be staying in. I thought my jaw would break the floor. There was only one bed, yet the room was so decorated with crap that it almost felt like we were out of place here. When she left, Link and I went in, and had to decide how the whole ‘one bed’ thing would work. A giant queen sized bed it was, and Link was big enough to take up half the space, which with my size, put me at a disadvantage. Of course, neither one of us could sleep on the floor, because it was so damn uncomfortable. Eventually, we both knew we would have to share it. After taking showers, we both fell into the bed, and yawned. I stared over at Link, who was already sleeping. Poor guy, couldn’t even keep his eyes open! I smiled a little and closed my eyes, falling asleep faster then I even expected.

I was awakened by a loud bang outside the room. I could already see Link scrambling out of bed and putting on the green tunic quickly. I jumped up and did the same, then followed him out into the hall. We both smelled smoke, and began to cough. From the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow. A really bent over shadow almost. My eyes widened. No…It couldn’t be HIM! No….No, no no…! But of course, it was. There he stood, Happy Mask Salesman, a little army of Moon Children behind him. Link looked up and gasped, and raised up his sword quickly. Of course, HMS already reacted and grabbed for me instead. I panicked, and tried to hold on to Link with much strength as I could. But, It was too late, the Moon Children helped him out and dragged me away from Link. Tears escaped my eyes as I tried to yell out for him, but as I was being dragged away, Link seemed to get smaller and smaller, until his shape completely disappeared.

And that’s where I woke up, sweating, my legs tangled with the bed sheets, and heavy breathing. Link had shook me awake, and now sat in-front of me, hands on my shoulders. ”BEN! Are you okay? You started to thrash around in your sleep, and kept saying my name loudly over and over. You were even crying too.” He said to me, his eyebrows knitted in worry. I breathed and shook my head, then embraced him in a tight hug, sobbing a little still. Why would I have such a dream like that for?! I hadn’t seen that creepy guy in almost a year, and there he was, in my dreams scaring the living crap out of me.  Link patted my back and let me sleep close to him for the rest of the night, since it scared me too much. Thought, I can’t say I slept soundly..

The next day, I awoke to find myself alone. For a minute, I thought Link disappeared on me, but then I realized I could hear running water coming from the bathroom. I sat up and yawned. I couldn’t remember what happened, but I knew I had a nightmare. I was still shaken by it, and hugged my legs as I waited for Link to come out from the shower. My eyes glanced over at the Master Sword leaning against the wall on Link’s side of the bed. It had an odd glimmer to it, despite it being so cloudy outside. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, badly wanting to lay back down, since it was cold in the room. I wrapped the blanket around me tightly, my eyes closed. Now that I thought about it…The coldness in the air…it felt…oddly touching. Just like the Song of Unhealing, the air seemed to comfort me, and the room felt silent at the moment. The little moment didn’t last, as I saw Link walk into the room, fully dressed, yet his dirty blond-brownish hair still dripping wet. He grinned at me, and pulled the blanket off of me. ”C’mon, BEN! You can’t just sit there and cuddle with the covers all day. After all, you’ll feel better after taking a relaxing shower.” he said, looking at me sternly. I wanted to protest, but I knew he was right. I got up and walked over to the bathroom, seeing Link already got my clothes ready for me. Sighing, I turned on the water and got undressed, ready to feel the water hit my skin. 
I was out of the shower with a quickness, because I didn’t want it to swallow me whole. I may of been with Link for many years, but my fear of water has never ceased. After I got my clothes on, I met Link in the hallway, along with Zelda. She gave me a smile and ruffled my hair. ”Good morning, BEN. How’d you sleep?” she asked, noticing my neutral look. I sighed and shook my head. ”I was okay…but the nightmares came back.” I replied, and Link had a bit of a frown, but quickly turned it into a smile. ”Don’t worry, I’m sure whatever happens today will take your mind off it.” he said, making me grin a little. Zelda chuckled and lead us downstairs.

The air smelled different down here, and the two noticed it as well. ”Father…?” Zelda called out, very worried. Link and I stayed close together, and he pulled out the Master Sword. I saw shadows run across the walls, and I knew right then what we were heading into. ”Link! The moon children are here! Watch your back..” I said, and he nodded, looking all around. Suddenly, hands grabbed at Zelda, and she screamed. The two of us reacted a little too late, and she was carried off into the shadows by a group of children. I felt a presence behind me, and turned around to see the HMS. Link and I gasped, and backed away. ”I’ve been chasing you two around as long as I can remember…but today, ohohoho yes today, I will be the victor. If I can’t capture you, we’ll play a little game at least.” he said, and I got closer to Link, scared out of my mind. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was the terror on Link’s face.

When I woke up, I was in a strange place. Almost like a prision cell. I looked all around, and noticed this big thing of fur just lying on the ground. Upon closer inspection, I found out it was a wolf, and I jumped backwards into the wall. Where was Link at?! Here I was, trapped in a cell with a wolf, no weapons, and chained to the floor. The wolf started to move, and I stayed against the wall, mumbling all sorts of things to myself. Then, it turned in my direction, and barked at me. Was it trying to say something? The wolf itself realized that it barked, and started to panic. Wait a minute….the wolf was Link! An ordinary wolf would try to eat you, but as I could see, it was just Link, being the birdbrain he was. ”Link! You’re a wolf! How does that even happen?” I asked, and he shook his head, whining. We were both chained up, and as I could tell, we were going to be here for awhile.

It was cold, dark, and rainy. I wasn’t even sure if Link knew where he was going. We both were on Epona, and I held on to him, tired, and soaked. I’ve been with him for nearly a few years, and he had grown taller. I hadn’t really grown, considering I was still the same height as when we first met.  Finally, what had seemed to be forever, we came upon a town. I could hear Link sighing in relief, and usher the tired horse on. I looked up at him, yawning again. ”What are we going to do about our clothes, Link? We’re soaked…” I asked tiredly, blinking. Link smiled a little and stifled a yawn. ”I should have extras in the bag behind you. We’ll change into them and let these dry in the bathroom.” he replied to me, his eyes nearly closing. I had to nudge him a little harshly, but he knew we had to tread on for a little longer.

Finally, we made it. We tied Epona up outside and made our way in. After paying for a room, Link and I tried to hurry up the stairs, despite our energy being drained. Link’s hand was a bit shaky as he inserted the key into the door, and opened it. He was breathing rather heavily, And gestured me in first. Nodding, I took his hand and lead him in. I could hear him mutter a soft ”Thanks BEN…” under his breath. After 15 minutes or so, we were both changed, and laid down in the separate beds with relief. Within an instant, I could hear Link already snoozing away, his body buried beneath the blankets. Thought, I couldn’t quite close my eyes yet. I just laid there, starring at the ceiling. My thoughts went back to the day I met Link near Zora Domain, and how many times we ran from the Happy Mask Salesman. I rather pondered on my thoughts for awhile, before sitting up. Link had paid enough rupees to stay three nights, since we wasted three days destroying monsters in our path. Looking over at my sleeping friend, I sorta did get up and laid down on the bed he was on. I wasn’t sure why I did, But my mind was a mess, and my body was just as sore as Link’s. Eventually, I fell asleep.

Sunlight poured in through the windows and landed in my face. I growled in my sleep and pulled the blankets over my head. I could still hear Link’s soft breathing, but he didn’t seem happy about the sunlight coming in, and he replied in the same way I did.  Of course now I had to open my eyes, despite sleep wanting to consume me more. Through my blurry vision, I could see Link open his own eyes, then close them again. It sounded like he muttered something to me, but I couldn’t quite get what he was saying. I sat up finally, after trying to go back to sleep, my body just didn’t want to and I gave up. My dirty blond hair was a mess, so was Link’s. I yawned and rested my chin on what seemed to be Link’s side, just to play around with him. Right when I did that, he moved around a bit that way I would get off. But, I was starting to laugh, and immediately tackled him, making the two of us fall on the floor, halfway hanging off the bed. Groaning, Link opened his eyes, and put his hand on my face, as to push me off him. He gave a playful smile, but yelped when my knee accidentally jammed up onto his privates. I slapped my hand onto my forehead, already making the first mistake ever. I got off of him and asked if he was okay. Link simply laughed and ruffled my hair. ”Yeah…I’m okay, BEN. Just watch your knee next time.” he said, smiling at me, despite his blue eyes showing tiredness in them. I grinned, and then looked around. What were we going to do now? Link crawled back up on the bed and laid his head down on the pillow. He yawned and starred towards the window for a moment. ”We’ll have to rest up as much as we can. Princess Zelda is really expecting us soon, and I don’t really want to disappoint her.” he told me, sighing. I had to agree, we needed to rest our bodies again. Trust me, do you really wanna see a statue fight off a giant monster with the Hero of Time’s sword and shield, then finish it off with the worst song possible? I think not, and that was why my body was so tired, despite not really having a human body. I watched Link as he sat up finally and got dressed. I was confused now. Didn’t he just say we should relax as much as possible? I was about to ask, but he stopped me, slipping the green tunic over his head and straightened it out soon as he had it on. ”We don’t necessarily have to stay inside, BEN. Besides, I think there’s a meadow outside of town, and a big oak tree we can lay under. Epona would love it especially, since the grass is pretty green.” he said, smiling. I decided to go with his idea for once, getting dressed myself. Now, if anything has changed, my outfit certainly had. It was like Link’s having the white undershirt and gloves. I felt pretty great in it, since my old outfit was destroyed a long time ago, to keep old HMS off of our tracks.

As we approached the meadow, I could hear Epona snort and slow down a little. Link grinned, watching as she stopped and sniffed the grass. I followed Link over to the tree he talked about, and laid under it with him. He had pulled out his orcarina, and smiled. ”Hey BEN, remember when I used to play this song and you just used to appear right where I was standing?” he asked, and played a tune. I recognized it almost immediately. Elegy of Emptiness. It rang through my ears like a bell, and I grinned with delight, intimating the sound that would summon me every time, which ended up making us both burst into laughter. We were there the whole day, sometimes dozing off or wrestling around with each other. When nightfall came, we grabbed something to eat at the bar, then headed straight for the INN. We both took showers, and landed on the beds, stomachs full and bodies cleaned from all the dirt and scrapes we had the night before. Link just laid there, starring at the ceiling. I, on the other hand was falling asleep as quickly as I had awoke this morning. I snuggled with the covers, and drifted off in a much needed sleep.

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Oppression is cooking being “women’s work,” while the overwhelming majority of top restaurant chefs are male.

Oppression is fashion being a “silly girl thing,” while the top earning designers and CEOs in fashion are male.

Oppression is reducing women to consumers profiting a male system, even in fields that we supposedly dominate.


Omfg I was sitting in a room with a bunch of my aunts, uncles and cousins and my grandma had this weird smile on her face so I asked her what was up and she just looked at me and said “everyone in this house is alive thanks to my vagina”